YouTube Inbound Marketing: what is to know about it?

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Inbound marketing is a technique that seeks to attract business prospects through content marketing, social media, SEO and branding. Besides being the cheapest technique, inbound YouTube marketing has a long-term effect that involves the continuous growth of traffic to a YouTube channel. It is easy if you have the right information, know how to conduct market research, SEO and have basic data analysis knowledge. Remember that above all, YouTube is a search engine. In other words, Inbound must be a key part of your YouTube marketing if you want to increase your organic traffic.

Search ability

Optimizing our metadata is the key for our audience to find our content. If you use the YouTube analytics panel, you will realize that the majority of your traffic is organic, that is, the search portal has found your content or recommended it based on your metadata. The elements that you should optimize are title, tags, description and, if possible, add subtitles.


It is your cover letter, also known as your thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first point of contact that your audience will have with your content. We recommend that you only focus on one element, that you use composition rules, contrasting colors, and that you keep the text within the image to a maximum of five words.


This point is very important if your channel does not have an established audience. By promoting your content on other networks, groups, and even relevant social conversations, you can access an audience that is already searching for your content. However, this does not mean creating spam. The promotion must be organic and offer value.

Video quality

From the technical quality, to the content and the pace of the video, you must consider the entire phase when creating content. Remember that even if you have the best optimization, the best thumbnail, or even an incredible click through rate, if the content does not provide the value that your audience is looking for, they will not share it.


At the end of the day, perseverance will be your best ally. Every video is an opportunity to have a viral video. It is not about posting as many videos as you can, it is more of a series of tests, trying to improve your content more and more. The existence of competition can decrease your immediate chances of positioning your content at the top of a search on YouTube, but in the long term, it should not prevent the effectiveness of your video.

Use YouTube marketing to build a brand

Over the years, we have met many YouTubers who aspire to become website celebrities, but most never make it. Either way, this does not discourage them or they continue to fight their way to fame. We have all heard the stories of YouTubers who have become “millionaires” overnight, and this idea can attract anyone to venture into the world of YouTube.

My content is very good but I have no views

This problem is very common in the YouTube community, but very few people know how to solve it. The main reason why your video does not have more views is that they are not on the first pages of the search engine. YouTube is one of the most competitive platforms in content generation. There are YouTubers who invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to improve the production value of their videos, which is why it is much more difficult to compete with them. Many new channels make the mistake of building their content around a very popular topic.

Well there is a solution. As with new companies, entrepreneurs have to find niche markets that larger companies have not seen, or are not interested in because they are not very big. Remember that you only need a first niche to start a successful channel.

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