Why Professional Engineering Is Important To Wisconsin

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When it comes to centers of engineering, Wisconsin has been seen as prominent for a great number of years. In the year 1926, the American Society Of Civil Engineers entered into an agreement with the faculty at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. This agreement combined the engineers with the scientists at Milwaukee. Within 1938, this organization was known as Wisconsin Section.

Why Engineering Matters To The Economy Of Wisconsin

Every year, dairy contributes as much as $45.6 billion to the economy of Wisconsin. While engineering doesn’t contribute quite that much, it’s important for the economy nonetheless. A lot of the effects of professional engineering can be felt within the manufacturing sector of Wisconsin. Here, engineers can be found at work trying to streamline processes. At the same time, they also need to ensure that they create enduring and durable parts as well as machines.

The engineer also needs to keep in mind the importance of incorporating green solutions into their designs. With every passing year, the economy of Wisconsin is becoming increasingly diversified. Concurrent to this is the increasing dependence on engineering to support Wisconsin’s diversifying economy.

There have been some problems as well. It was expected that the Foxconn facility that was being built in Milwaukee would generate 22,000 jobs. This would not happen. Despite this, the engineers in Wisconsin have made important contributions to the economy of the state. There are several disciplines where engineering has made an impact. The effect of engineering can be felt in the fields of:

  • Process control and automation engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Ceramic engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

The economy of Wisconsin has kept a steady growth rate of 2.7{bf4ecdcca09e34bef262cebc09248f1797759e2df3be72256c0aed3bd8a5394e}. This is only around 0.8{bf4ecdcca09e34bef262cebc09248f1797759e2df3be72256c0aed3bd8a5394e} less than what the growth rate was in 2018. When it comes to real earnings growth in the US, Wisconsin is placed 31st. Wages within Wisconsin are growing. However, the rate at which these wages are growing are slower compared to several other states.

Employment Projections And The GDP

In the year 2018, the GDP of Wisconsin grew to around $336 billion. This number rose by around $17 billion from the previous year. This is a growth of 4.4{bf4ecdcca09e34bef262cebc09248f1797759e2df3be72256c0aed3bd8a5394e}, which is more than the GDP rise of the country, within the same time period. Regarding engineering jobs, in particular, it’s civil engineering that’s the most in-demand in Wisconsin.

It’s expected that by the year 2024, there will be 5460 more jobs, within the field of civil engineering, in Wisconsin. The number of people aiming to be technicians of civil engineering will also grow, albeit more slowly. There will just be an increase of 1690 jobs for civil engineering technicians, within the coming five years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that jobs related to engineering constitute nearly two in every one thousand jobs, within the state.

Consider investing in engineer insurance in Wisconsin as well. This is because working as an engineer exposes you to certain career risks, such as getting sued by clients. When you have engineer insurance in Wisconsin, then you can protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about engineer insurance in Wisconsin, then click here.

How Much Do Engineers Earn In Wisconsin?

If you’re an entry-level engineer in Wisconsin, then you can earn around $62,000 annually. Engineers with more experience can make as much as $86,000 if not more. If you work as a manager in the field of engineering, you can earn around 20{bf4ecdcca09e34bef262cebc09248f1797759e2df3be72256c0aed3bd8a5394e} more than engineers. As you gain more experience, you can expect to earn more.

Engineers also don’t earn the same across all fields. Civil engineers and process engineers can earn greater amounts of money if they have a higher position. If their level of education is higher, then they can earn more as well.

If you have a graduate degree in engineering, then you can enjoy several advantages. Not only can you get jobs faster, but you’ll also be able to earn higher wages. Some fields of engineering enable you to earn more money than other fields. These include computing engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and more.

In Wisconsin, there are around 57 engineering schools, some better than others. One of the more well-known engineering universities is the Milwaukee School Of Engineering. Another university where you can learn engineering is The University Of Wisconsin. Aside from these, Marquette University is a good option as well, for engineering.


Whether it be engineering students studying at one of the many engineering schools in Wisconsin, or whether it be professional engineers, engineering is important for Wisconsin. Over the years, engineering has contributed greatly to the economy of Wisconsin.

When it comes to the growth outlook for engineers over the next five years, positive growth can be expected for engineers. Not only does engineering help the economy of Wisconsin, but also it also contributes to the GDP of the state as well.


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