Why are Mahindra Tractors considered one of the Best in India?

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When it comes to powerful and sturdy tractors, Mahindra is a popular name in the agro-industry. It is one of the major players in the tractor industry that has earned a repute and appreciation of all the farmers around the nation. Started in 1963, it has continued to maintain a strong foothold in the tractor market ever since by delivering heavy-duty reliable tractors and farm equipment.

Let us look at why Mahindra Tractors are considered one of the best in India –

Fuel efficiency

Farming using a tractor requires a lot of fuel. Mahindra tractors being fuel-efficient, it saves the farmers a major chunk of their expenditure on fuel. Due to its fuel efficiency, they are a cost-effective option in haulage operations. The diesel engines are one of the most fuel-efficient engines found across all brands of tractors. The downside of such engines is that it causes problems due to a lower backup torque which otherwise may be required in power-intensive farming activities.


Farmers not only use a tractor for farming activities but also haulage operations. Transporting agricultural produce is an equally important activity of farming. Mahindra tractors work seamlessly in both applications. This makes a no brainer choice for the farmers.


There is an equilibrium between the price and benefits of Mahindra tractors. Repeated buyers consider Mahindra tractors to be offering adequate worth for the price charged. That makes the Indian population prefer Mahindra Tractors over other brands.

Wider Service Network

Mahindra has over 800 dealers that have genuine spares and trained technicians. This makes Mahindra tractors the largest service network in the country. You can even get plenty of authorised service points and techmasters that can help in getting your tractor fixed in case of any issues.

Easy Finance Options

Being the brand with a repute in the nation, easy tractor finance options are available for the buyers. Mahindra tractors have the highest loan LTV (Loan to Value) ratio as compared to other brands. You can check out for tractor loan online in this digital age from Mahindra finance for their tractors.

Availability of Spares

The key challenge that tractor companies face is making their spares available in rural areas where the demand is the highest for tractors. Mahindra tractors have managed to reach the rural Indian villages. They are successful in doing so through their multipoint distribution network consisting of dealers, branches, authorised service points, techmasters, and bazaar retail shops. The brand continuously strives to increase its reach to the areas where there is the highest demand. This ensures the tractors can be used for a maximum time due to ease in the availability of spares.

The above factors make the Mahindra tractors as the most trusted brand and a favourite among the farmers. You can avail easy tractor loan after comparing with various lenders and get the best tractor loan interest rates on your next tractor purchase.

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