Press Release: why are they so important?

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Would you like to stop being invisible? Every time you see a competitor company in the media you ask yourself – when will mine be? The solution has been in front of your eyes all along. It has called a press release, and it will allow you to leave the media shadow in which you are immersed. One of the most effective tools to reach specific audiences is through 247 press releases, both in traditional media and in online formats and mobile devices. The press release is an ideal resource, one of the best formulas to attract the attention of the media.

Greater visibility and going viral begins

With a relevant press release, you will reach more people potentially interested in the message that you want to convey. In this way, you multiply the options of sharing your content, and that in turn, other media and channels echo what the referents have already published. Think that this is the basis of viral on the Internet.

Credibility is the key

Information is power. Good information is credibility. Brands that are committed to the development of content and information with high benefit have more credibility and visibility than those that neglect their communication strategy. If you are credible, they will consider you a reliable source, and treat you as such if a new opportunity arises or they need certain information. 

If you do not give your version, others will create it

A press release is the official version of a specific event. Therefore, we are making sure that rumors do not spread. Silence always grants and is not in our favor. Crisis management specialists insist on it, if you do not give your version, others will create it.

It is brand image

Press releases are extraordinary examples of how to work on brand reputation or branding. In addition to presenting the achievements, news, awards, we have in our hands a powerful tool to communicate the most social part of our company. In addition, differentiate ourselves.

Quality links and traffic

As a link building strategy, it is priceless. Building quality links is a long-term strategy. If we spread the press release and various platforms publish, we will be able to reinforce our authority in Google and attract new users to our website.

The evolution and possibilities of the press release

Many have advocated the death of the traditional press release. In a sense, they are right. The plain text can now be enriched with other types of information that are more attractive to the final readers of the media. In addition to the classic multimedia content that we can add to the more traditional press releases, the current trend is to turn each of the press releases into a micro site with more information, and not always corporate. 

If the great dilemma faced by media journalists is the overabundance of corporate news, with these new formats that some call the “press release 2.0”, companies have in their hands the opportunity to stop being valued as an agent that only wants to sell the information. Achieving this is priceless. In the future, you will save a lot of advertising budget, as long as you invest in communication professionals.

Layout and dissemination of the press release

A large part of the success of the press release lies in the way it is made available to the media. The press release continues to be a great option for disseminating news associated with specific events or initiatives associated with almost any activity, success in dissemination and response depends above all on the type of news that is disclosed, the way it is presented and the materials available.

Communicating about curious, different, controversial or original aspects increases the chances that journalists from different media will be interested in echoing the news, the dissemination of press releases is a practice that is worth investing in to assess the response.

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