How to remove Bobbles on Clothes?

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Caring for clothes is an important step to give longevity to your wardrobe. We have several fabrics that may get damaged due to home wash. But it is not possible to get everything dry cleaned, especially if the clothes do not even require dry cleaning. One of the major disadvantages of washing clothes is the occurrence of bobbles that you may spot on the fabric after washing. So, how do you deal with bobbles on clothes?

It is essential to understand the term “bobbles” before you dive deep into the article.

What are bobbles on clothes?

The tiny round bits that you can easily spot on the surface of the fabric post washing are called bobbles. But you may not notice these tiny bits of same-type fabric on the surface of the cloth on all fabrics. The tiny pieces of knotted fabric ruin the appearance of the cloth. Particularly, woollens reflect bobbles on the surface after washing and the condition worsens with repeated washing.

The areas on the cloth that is exposed to friction and abrasion attract bobbles the most. These areas are under the arms, crook of the elbow, or between the legs. But you may notice it in any area too.

Washing clothes in washers and tumble drying can further aggravate the issue. Hence, it becomes important to get rid of bobbles on clothes so that the fabric looks clean and wearable. Clothes in washers and dryers are further damaged due to abrasion and friction. Though the washing machine aims to deep clean the fabric, it may end up harming the fabric or the fibre of the cloth and cause bobbles on clothes.

So, let’s read the tips that are helpful to remove bobbles on clothes:

  • Wash fabric type separately

Take a bit of precaution and you will provide longevity to your favourite fabric. Natural fibres like cotton and wool are less likely to get lint or bobbles after washing. But still, certain types of woollens get bobbles very easily after washing. Polyester is easily susceptible to developing bobbles.

Synthetic or man-made fabrics have plastic in them and hence are susceptible to developing bobbles on them.

A piece of advice: Ensure that you never wash sweater/T-shirts with terry clothes because the threads of the former are more fibrous. So, the fibres of different materials of fabrics get tangled and end up damaging the clothes.

  • Easy steps for washing clothes
  1. You can ensure to wash man-made or synthetic and natural fibres separately.
  2. Then you can select a liquid detergent to wash the cloth. Powder detergents can act harshly so, it is better to choose the liquid one.
  3. Hand wash the fragile clothes. If you wash the clothes in the washer, then use a timer for the same that is safe for delicate clothes. Washing clothes in short washing cycles in the washer can be a helpful step in delaying bobbles on clothes. The lesser the clothes will rub against each other, the longer they live.
  4. Air-dry the clothes instead of tumble drying. Though tumble drying is a faster and more convenient method, it can easily damage the clothed due to harsh abrasion and friction between clothes during the process.

A word of caution: Turn the cloth inside-out before dropping it in the washer. It can ensure saving the fabric to a great extent. Also, you can follow the same rule for hand washing your favourite piece of garment. This will help to give longevity to the garment. It is one of the clothing care tips that can help you save your garments.

  • Use an electric fabric shaver

Yes, you read it right. You can find an electric fabric shaver in the market. These are specially designed to remove bobbles from the clothes. You can use the razor to cut the bobbles at the root of the cloth. This will ease the knot and it comes off the garment giving a smoothened look to it. If you do not find an electric fabric shaver for the purpose, you can even use the one easily available at home as a cheaper option to remove the bobbles on the clothes.

  • Velcro hair roller

Even velcro hair rollers can come to your rescue in this matter. It is commonly used for this purpose. It is a short-term solution and acts gentler than the shaver. But you should be careful while using the roller as it can cause more abrasion if not done gently and carefully.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to purchase clothes of your choice. But maintaining it is not a simple task. You can be careful while storing and washing the same. These are a few minor yet important things that require your attention because if you pay heed to the simple hacks, your clothes can get a good life. Moreover, you will feel confident wearing clothes that appear as good as new each time you repeat them.

Bobbles on clothes can make you look shabby and give a poor impression on the onlooker. Can you imagine wearing a garment with bobbles for a business/professional meeting? It will automatically rip the confidence off your personality. And on the other hand, you will feel confident if you wear clothes that are neat and free of bobbles. So, the choice is yours. You can follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to easily remove the bobbles on your clothes or even delay the appearance of the same in your clothes.

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