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The rewards from investment property mortgage rates in real estate can be obtained in two ways: through rental income or capital gains from a potential sale. Your real estate investing plan may favour one over the other, depending on your objectives. Properties with higher capital growth rates typically have lower rental yields and, in certain situations, are negatively geared, which means that the rent does not entirely cover the costs associated with the property, necessitating your contribution to part of these costs. Due to this, most novice investors seek out favourably geared properties where the rental revenue covers all of their initial investment costs.

Comparison Of Investments In Property

For a good reason, real estate in New Zealand’s preferred investment asset. Let’s compare the benefits and drawbacks of property investment to its closest rival, the stock market:

  • Pros The tangible nature of owning real estate appeals to many investors (there is a very low chance the asset will go to zero).
  • There is no capital gains tax in New Zealand.
  • Real estate investing can be quite leveraged, enabling investors to use substantial sums of bank capital.
  • For passive investors, it may offer reliable and predictable returns.


  • Limited diversification, yet diversification can be increased if it just makes up a portion of a balanced portfolio.
  • Increased transaction costs and less liquidity (longer time to sell) (real estate fees).
  • The personal obligation for the entire loan amount plus charges, as opposed to the value of your investment with shares.
  • Although it is possible to outsource property management, owners must still provide some input.

Developing A Real Estate Investment Plan

There are just two basic real estate investment strategies:

  1. Buy and keep, where you rent out the property
  2. Buying and selling for a profit

However, beneath the surface, there exists a confusing array of various techniques, each ideal for a particular sort of person pursuing a particular goal. But before we delve into these methods, it’s crucial to think about the two overall strategies and how they ultimately fulfil your financial objectives, including how active or passive you want your investments to be and how much risk you’re ready to take on.

In reality, the portfolios of the majority of prosperous long-term property investors mix the two. In addition to providing diversification, it enables them to expand their portfolio more quickly, as a sound long-term financing strategy necessitates equity and serviceability.

Purchase To Hold For A Long Time. Is A Future Windfall Or Passive Income Your Goal?

You can decide what homes you’re looking to acquire by knowing your aim. In short to medium term, you will need to help cover the expenses of either cash flow positive properties (which meet their expenses) or high capital growth assets, which are frequently cash flow negative.

Ongoing Expenses

Consider the recurring expenses when determining whether you can afford to purchase an investment property, such as loan interest (including any applicable low equity margins), property management fees (if you don’t manage the property yourself), property insurance, personal insurance, repairs, maintenance, and council rates.

Favourable Mortgage Rates

We work with all major banks and know who is currently vying for new clients and who will offer the best price. So we negotiate on your behalf.

Improved Guidance

We advise on issues including loan structuring, financial planning, and our opinion on interest rates. Bank personnel aren’t supposed to comment on these, and if they do, it will likely be in favour of their bank.

Employ The Easier Mortgage Match

Use our mortgage matching system to save tens of thousands of dollars. You might believe that the duration of your fixed rate is fixed. You might possibly believe that you will face the consequences for exceeding the time limit. The Credit Contracts & Consumer Finance Regulations provide that your financier is not permitted to benefit from the passage of time. They can recover a loss but cannot profit from it. Usually, they gain from it.

We determine which refinance, restructure, and mortgage match option is best for you. For example, we can save you $40k to $70k on a $600,000 loan.

Contact the Simpler professionals for the finest guidance on mortgages with lower interest rates, and begin saving TODAY!

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