Features of a virtual receptionist 

Jayden Runolfsson | July 12, 2021 | 4 | Business

You might have heard earlier of the new trend in businesses. This new trend is replacing a receptionist with a virtual receptionist because of the various benefits that he or she might bring to your company. A virtual receptionist will be answering calls just like a receptionist but from a different location.

What are the features?

Hiring a virtual receptionist proves to be very beneficial for any business as a virtual receptionist offers a lot of features. Some of the features of a virtual receptionist are mentioned below for you:

  • Professionals 

Since virtual receptionists are trained from the beginning, speaking to your customers will be done in an extremely professional way with almost no chance of making any kind of mistake. They handle calls with extreme professionalism and expertise.

  • Taking messages 

This is a basic yet important feature of a virtual receptionist. When they answer a phone call, they make sure that they record the information of the caller and the reason why the caller has called. If required and suggested by you, they can either forward the messages to you or any other person according to your instruction.

  • Round the clock service 

A good thing about a virtual receptionist is that, if needed by you, they will be available for working 24/7 for your business. This is a good feature because it might help you out in receiving calls from customers after your business hours.

  • Quick response time 

One good feature of a virtual receptionist is that they respond to phone calls for your business very quickly. Usually, they pick up the calls before the third ring of the phone which helps a customer to know that your business takes interest in its customers.

  • Transfer and patch calls 

A good thing about virtual receptionists is that they can transfer or patch calls that are important very quickly because they are professionals.


These were some of the many features of a virtual receptionist. Have you hired one for your business yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Hire a virtual receptionist today and see the difference yourself.

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