Cheapest places to buy property in Oxford

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Oxford is a city with great history and culture. Also known as ‘The city of Dreaming Spires’, its historical buildings such as Oxford Castle and University of Oxford are inspiring and draw you in.

Oxford city centre has a wide range of shops, pubs and restaurants and leisure facilities like Kassam Stadium. The city offers cheap entertainment such as punting. A punt is a flat-bottomed boat which you can rent at Maryland Bridge and take a row on River Charwell and enjoy the beautiful sight of meadows, parks and the university building. There is also affordable shopping and good food such as the spicy Oxford sausage at the Covered Market.  Life is less chaotic in Oxford compared to other famous cities due to its environmental and planning policy that prevents urban sprawl. This makes it a friendly and safe place to live in.

The best thing about Oxford for first-time buyers or families looking for a good home in the city is that anyone earning an average of £84,895 can borrow as much as four times their salary to buy a house. The cheapest place to buy property in Oxford is Carterton at the average price of £240,000 with an average deposit of £67,000. Other cheap places are Bampton, Chipping Norton, Banbury and Bicester.

  1. Carterton (£240,000-£295,360)

Carterton is a market and garden town particularly known for the famous Carterton tomatoes . It is a thriving and safe community of about 14,000 people. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Carterton from Banbury. Some attraction centres in Carterton are Crocodiles of the World & Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens.

The average price of properties in Carterton is £240,000.

  1. Banbury (£277,666-£404,198)

Banbury is a town in Cherwell Valley. It is a bustling retail town and one of the two commercial centres in Oxford. Banbury has many hills in and around it such as Bretch Hill, Strawberry Hill and others. The town has close cultural links with Leamington Spa, Conventry and Warwick. It is home to some motorsport companies like RedBull Racing. Banbury has a number of attractions like the Banbury Museum, Tooley’s Boatyard, Spiceball Centre and Park and others. Properties are valued at an average between £277,666-£404,198.

  1. Chipping Norton (£275,000)

Chipping Norton is a small market town in Oxford famous for wool trade. The town has good shopping and leisure facilities such as a golf club, museum and a theatre. The Chipping Norton Literary Festival is one of the festivals held yearly. This year, prices of properties in Chipping Norton were reduced. The average property price in Chipping Norton is £275,000.

  1. Bampton (£360,538)

Bampton is a village in West Oxfordshire four miles from Witney. According to Wales Cash Buyers, it is a beautiful town with floral display and a friendly atmosphere. The town is famous for been filmed  in movie scenes and attracts tourists every year. One popular activity in Bampton is Morris Dancing Traditions which is celebrated each May Day. Other fun places in Bampton are the West Ox Arts Gallery and Bampton Library. The average property price in Bampton is £360,538.

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